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Laurie Jundt Donlon 

As a young child, visits to the St. Louis Art Museum were magical. The masses of color and form thrilled me. Living in Colorado for the last 43 years has deepened that appreciation for beauty. 

The creative process is as much a muse as the beauty of Colorado; inspiration is all around. I have made some type of art my entire life. Whether composing a photograph, doing needlework, working with textiles, singing, or digging in the dirt the act of creating is the draw. 

Acrylic paints, pastels and oils offer an entirely new set of media with which to play. There is a freedom in joyful expression that allows one to get lost in the immersive gift of the present. In my paintings I work to evoke a mood, a direct contact with emotion. 


I am a founding member of the guild Girl Painters West and am lucky enough to create with talented women in that group as well as with many others in continued classes and workshops in the area. I have shown my work in a wide variety of venues and galleries in Boulder County as well as Kun Ming China, and Blowing Rock, NC.